Tsenang Homes of Safety Section 21 Company Reg.No. 2006/032743/08  �  PBO Reg. No. 93/00/24/811   � NPO no. 071-210

Meet our Board of Directors

Jaco De Kock – Chairman of the Board
Jaco is a qualified engineer with a passion for vehicles. He is also a keen businessman with a kind heart. He serves as chairperson and contributes professional and business skills together with the other professionals on the board of directors.

Magda-Marié Hertzog – Executive Director
As general manager, Magda-Marié is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization. She is a qualified Social Worker with experience in various fields of social work service delivery.

Dr. Rina Hyams – Medical Practitioner
Rina Hyams runs a successful medical practice together with her husband. She is responsible for assistance with medical policies of the organization. Beyond her role as director she has made her practice available to treat and refer children in need of medical assistance.

Dr. Magriet Coetzee-Spies - Director
Magriet has vast experience as a Social Service Professional and is currently involved in student guidance and training at one of the local universities. She also provides valuable input to the organization in a non-executive capacity.

Gerhard Engelbrecht – Director
Gerhard is an engineer in the construction field. He believes strongly in the “family” system and integrating children into families and society where possible. Gerhard contributes his skills and experience by serving as vice-chairperson of the board.

Arno Stofberg - Director
Arno is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and businessman. He provides invaluable support and guidance to the team of directors as he is one of the more senior and experienced members of the board.